Friday, 14 August 2015

Free mixed sizes triangular bunting flags overprint templates, print onto Crafty Ferret backing papers.

Print this template onto A4 paper or card that's been pre printed with a Crafty Ferret patterned craft backing paper design.

Easy to make triangular shaped paper flags in three sizes, 7 x 8 cm, 9 x 11 cm and 11 x 13 cm. Make your own party bunting, garlands and banners. Use single patterns or combine a selection of coordinating patterns to create colourful decorations for your party or celebration. You can make the banner as long or as short as you need using flags all the same size or mix and match different sizes. This is a great crafting project to do with children as long as they have adult supervision.

To use them select a light to medium shade of Crafty Ferret portrait craft paper. If the pattern you've chosen doesn't have a portrait version then it means it's non directional so will work fine. Save the craft paper PDF file on you computer. Open the saved file, select the portrait version of the design, print it onto a sheet of A4 printer paper or thin card suitable for use in your printer.

Now download and save the bunting flag overprint file by clicking the 'Download here' button below the images.

For the next process you need to be sure you know the direction a piece of paper goes through your printer. You may need to do a practice print to check.

Put the printed sheet of craft paper back into you printers paper tray, open up the bunting flag PDF file select the sheet with size of flag you need to create your banner and print it onto the patterned side of the backing paper. Repeat the process until you have enough flags for the length of bunting that you require. Remember if you overprint onto a dark coloured design the templates may not be very clear. 

You may view and print this free download in it's published format as many times as you require for your own use, please do not use this download to create craft items for financial gain or self promotion.

Free mixed sizes triangular bunting flags overprint templates to print onto Crafty Ferret backing papers.

Free mixed sizes triangular bunting flags overprint templates to print onto Crafty Ferret backing papers.

Click here to download.
Downloads first published 14/08/2015.

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