Terms, conditions and copyright.

All the downloads on this blog are unique designs create by Judith Drew of Crafty Ferret. Any similarity to anyone else's designs is purely coincidental.

Due to the nature of cameras, computers and printers it is impossible to be 100% accurate when comparing colours on the screen with the colours on the printed item, so some slight variations may be expected.

Bead and thread colours on print and stitch and print and bead patterns are selected as a guide only and can be changed by the crafter to suit their tastes and needs.

All items and images designed by Judith Drew of Crafty Ferret are subject to ©copyright. This includes photographs, graphic images, Crafty Ferret pricking beading and embroidery patterns, all paper crafting downloads and tutorial sheets, all the contents of any downloads, the web site/blog logo, the content of instruction and tutorial sheets and any graphic images and photographs used within. 

Please do not use any of the images from this web site/blog to promote your own website, blog or products without prior permission from the owner Judith Drew.

Please agree to the following terms and conditions before using a free or purchased download.

Crafty Ferret downloads in their published format MAY NOT be copied, shared, loaned, modified, adapted, leased, rented, loaned, distributed, re published, sold on, displayed in any media, or used for personal or charitable financial gain. No portion of any Crafty Ferret download may be included in a kit to sell. Crafty Ferret downloads must not be included in CD's, DVD's or video's.

You may view and print free downloads as many times as you require for your own use. Free downloads may be used to create any number of finished craft items for your own pleasure or to give away to family and friends. Free downloads MAY NOT be used to create craft items for financial gain or self promotion.

Crafty Ferret A4 artwork prints are for the use of the purchaser only, they MAY NOT be used for financial gain or self promotion either framed or unframed.

The purchase of A4 patterned paper sets or origami sheets allows the purchaser to make and sell a limited run of up to 100 finished items from each download that you have purchased. This offer is only available to small businesses, sole traders and charity organisations. The printed sheets in their published format MAY NOT be sold or shared.

There is a 'Pay here' button below each download or set of downloads that will take you to a listing on my Etsy shop. As soon as you have completed your purchase you will see a link to your downloads, you will also be sent an email with a link to your purchased downloads.

Crafty Ferret as the original supplier and Judith Drew as the original designer must be identified as the ©copyright holder when selling on any finished items that include any elements from a purchased patterned paper download.

Images of the finished items may be used for personal promotional purposes but not sold or passed on to third parties.

The purchase of a patterned paper download (not an artwork) allows the purchaser to use that download as a teaching aid within the confines of an organised craft class. Printed copy of purchased patterned paper downloads may be issued to class members. Finished items made during a class may be taken away by class members but may not be used by the class members for financial gain or self promotion unless they have purchase the patterned paper download included in the finished item. Unused printed copies of the downloads may not be removed from the confines of the class by class members, they remain the responsibility of the purchaser.

The downloads are issued to the purchaser only and may not be passed on to any other person, company or organisation.

All Crafty Ferret designs remain the intellectual property of Judith Drew who retains the full ©copyright to all Crafty Ferret designs, diagrams, templates patterns and instructions.

Terms and conditions last updated 18/03/2017.

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